Cordone1956’s tailoring has been founded in Aielli, in june 1956, by Luigi Cordone Sr.  His mission from the start was give customer  an high quality product 100% made in Italy. Through the years comapny has grown , arriving to the third generation with Luigi Cordone and Virginia Cordone. Today Cordone1956 counts customer in the whole world nd selles currently in 25 different stores, developing often trunk show in London, New York, Paris, Zagreb, Moscow and Athens.

Cordone1956’s tailoring make since 1956, clothes of the hightest quality , all rigorously handmade. Our offer includes a wide range of product: From Suit to Shirt, passing through ties and accessories , using the best raw materials offered current market, combined to handmade craftsmanship which gives to clothes originality and unique shapes, due to the fact that each product is handmade individually. This leads to a truly high quality product, obtained whithout the implication of machines.

The key of our succes lies in our core values: Integrety, excellence and service & satisfaction customer. Cordone1956’s prides it self on serving our customer with respect and honestly. We are sincere in our beliefes and rely on our principles to guide us to all aspects of our buisness

We are commited to an excellent product, excelletn service and excellente experience. We strive not just meet expectations, but we strive to exceed your exepectations. Offering the hightest quality of clothing , you will experience the best value with an unprecendented level of personal service. Quality is our standard.

We also strives to bring masterfully tailored buisness, casual and forma apparel to our customer, purposefully made with superior craftsmanship and styled from the finest materials in the world.