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Following the consultation of this site you/they can be essays data related to identified people or identifiable. The “titular” of their treatment is Luigi Cordone


Iconnected treatments to the services web of this site take place near Sartoriale srl – street Giovanni Falcone 2 – 67041, Aielli (Aq) – ITALY and they are taken care of only by collaborators, technical personnel of the office entrusted of the treatment, or from possible entrusted of occasional operations of maintenance. Any consequential datum from the service web is communicated or diffused.


Data of navigation

The computer systems and the procedures softwares preceded to the operation of this site web acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of communication of Internet.
It deals with information that are not picked to be in partnership to identified parties, but that for them same nature they would be able, through elaborations and associations with data held by bystanders to allow to identify the consumers. In this category of data they reenter you address him IP or the dominion names of the computers used by the consumers that they connect him to the site, you address him in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the in demand resources, the schedule of the application, the method used in to submit the application to the server, the dimension of the file gotten in answer, the pointing out numerical code the state of the answer given by the server (good end, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and to the computer environment of the consumer.
These data are used to the elegant solo to draw anonymous statistic information on the use of the site and to check its correct operation and you/they are immediately cancelled after the elaboration. The data could be used for the check of responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site: salute this eventuality, to the state the data on the contacts web don’t persist for more than seven days.

Data voluntarily furnished by the consumer

The optional, explicit and voluntary dispatch of mail electronics to you address him suitable on this site it behaves the following acquisition of the address of the sender, necessary to answer to the applications, as well as of the possible other personal data inserted in the missive.
Informative specifications of synthesis will progressively be brought or you visualize in the pages of the site predisposed for particular services to application.

Use of your data for advertising purposes

We use the picked data, if you have expressly furnished us the consent, to inform I concern you to promotional activity that could interest you.


We will send only you the newsletter for email if you expressly have already confirmed that we must activate the service newsletter.

If you don’t desire anymore subsequently to receive the newsletter or other types of communication to advertising purpose, you have in every moment the right to revoke your authorization.


As it is of use on all the sites web, also this site makes use of cookies, small text files that allow to preserve information on the preferences of the visitors, to improve the functionalities of the site to simplify its navigation automatizing the procedures

This site makes use of four different typologies of cookie:

1. Essential technical Cookie

These cookies are necessary to the correct operation of the site. They allow the navigation of the pages, the sharing of our contents, the memorization of the bank drafts of access for more express to make the entry in the site and to maintain active your preferences and credential during the navigation. Without these cookies we could not furnish the services for which the consumers access the site.

2. Statistic Cookie and prestazionali

These cookies allow us to know how the visitors use the site, to be able of it so to appraise and to improve the operation and to privilege the production of contents that they meet better the informative needs of our consumers. They for instance allow to know, what the pages are more and less you frequent. They keep in mind, among the other things, of the number of visitors, of the departed time on the site from the average of the consumers and the formalities of arrival of these. In this way, we can know what it works well and whether to improve, further to assure us that the pages quickly load him and are correctly visualized. All the information picked up by these cookies are anonymous and not connected to the personal data of the consumer. To perform these functions in our sites we use the services of third parts that anonimizzano the data making not them referable to single individuals (so-called “single-in”). Whereas is not present services completely anonimizzati, you will find them listed among the cookies of third parts for which it is possible to deny the consent to guarantee of Your privacy.

3. Cookie for the profilazione of the consumer and the advertising targeting

These cookies allow to offer announcements related to the consumer and to the respective affairs. You/they are used besides for limiting the number of visualizations of a same announcement and to appraise the effectiveness of the advertising countries.

Particularly the present site uses cookies of the followings third parts:

Google Analytics: it is a tool of analysis of Google that I cross the use of cookies (performance cookies), it picks up anonymous data of navigation to the purpose to examine the use of the site from the consumers, to compile report on the activities in the site and to furnish other information, included the number of the visitors and the visited pages. Google can transfer where also these information to third this is imposed from the law or whereas such third hyphen the aforesaid information on behalf of Google. The cookies of Google Analytics can also be used for showing more pertinent results in the ownerships of Google (as the search Google).Google won’t associate the address


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